Mobile Air Purifier

ConfigurationMobile, Compact
AccessoriesWith Hepa Filter, With Ionization Module, With Touchscreen
ApplicationsFor Healthcare Facilities, Laboratory, Hospital, For Dental Laboratories, For Dental Clinics, For Clean Rooms, Volatile Organic Compound
TechnologyOzone Free
Other CharacteristicsGermicidal, High-Performance, With Microbial Elimination, With Ultra-Fine Particle Removal, With Gas Removal
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Product Made In France:

The DOPAIR 2000® is a mobile air filtration and decontamination unit for high-risk areas in Hospitals. Immediately operational it does not require any modification of the environment to start up.

The unit controls the risks of bacteriological and microbiological contamination and achieve the performance expected for risk zones 2 or 3 (ISO8 or ISO7) according to the ISO 14644-1 and NFS 90-351 standards.

DOPAIR 2000 fights against nosocomial infections thanks to the combined action of three effects: filtration (HEPA14 filter), the Bioxigen® air decontamination module and an appropriate Air Change Rate.

DOPAIR 2000 is very efficient to reach a microbiological class close to zero and is designed for use in a room, 24/7. Ergonomic thanks to its 4 wheels, it can be easily moved by medical staff.

Medical Mobile air purifier CE certified.


– Pre-filter G4 for coarse particle

– F7 Filter for fine particle

– HEPA14 filter for ultra fine particle

– Destruction of microorganisms via the Bioxigen® module working with Cold Plasma technology (BiPolar Ionization)

Air flow up to 2000 m3/h

Touch screen control panel (Working Modes, Filter clogging alarms…)

Low sound level: 39 dB(A) at 1000 m3/h

“Plug & Play” solution to be installed in the treated area


– Active Carbon Filter

– VOC sensor

– Particle sensor

– Hr% / T°C Probe

– Fresh air kit for positive pressure (Isolation for immunocompromised patients)

– Kit for negative pressure ( Isolation for infectious rooms)


Operating room








Resuscitation rooms

Plastic surgery

Burn ward



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