Wrist Pulse Oximeter

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AccessoriesWith Motion Sensor
Patient TypePediatric, Neonatal
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Track Your Baby’s Oxygen

Day and Night

Continually tracks your baby’s blood oxygen levels, heart rate and motion, especially during sleep. When your baby’s oxygen level is low, or the device falls off, audio alarm will alert you both on device and mobile APP. Smart wearable baby heart monitor for baby’s oxygen level, heart rate and motion

Audible notifications on stations or mobile apps to let you know your baby needs you

The threshold value is adjustable, friendly to different physical conditions

Overnight monitoring, 16-h battery life of the monitor, up to 7-day battery life of the station

Lightweight design and rechargeable station, friendly to family tour with baby

Baby O2™ S2 is a smart wearable device that measures baby’s health indicators, such as oxygen level and heart rate, through the proven safe oximetry technology.

This is designed for parents who care about important indicators of their babies. Through the separate design station or mobile App, you will be notified of changes, abnormalities or unusual motion in various indicators of your baby in time.

Battery life

16 hours for typical use (device) 168 hours for typical use (station)

Charge time

2-3 hours (device / station)


49×27×14 mm (device) 90×56×15 mm (station)


3.7Vdc (device) / 3.8Vdc (station) Rechargeable Lithium-polymer


24.5g (device) 103g (station)

Wireless Bluetooth

4.0 BLE

Data storage

4 sessions, up to 10 hours for each

Recorded parameters

Oxygen level, Pulse Rate, motion

Pulse Rate accuracy

±2 bpm or ±2%,whichever is greater

Pulse Rate range

30 to 250 bpm

Oxygen level Accuracy

80-99%: ±2%, 70-79%: ±3%

Oxygen level range

70% to 99%



  1. Special Requirements: Medical equipment often has specific needs, such as temperature control or shock absorption. For example, certain medications must remain at a specific temperature throughout the supply chain. This may require insulated containers, refrigerated vehicles, and specialized warehousing.

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